UC Berkeley scholarships: Life Changing Grants

UC Berkeley scholarships
UC Berkeley scholarships

UC Berkeley scholarships gives financial assistance to students in their programme with the aim of making them the overall best  students from various part of the world. University of California Berkeley presents opportunity to enjoy grant of various scholarships. Generally, UC Berkeley scholarships is applicable to all the field of study.

Application process of UC Berkeley Scholarships

Generally, the application process is simple. However, it is advisable that applicants start by making research at the UC Berkeley official website to know the available grants and scholarships. Thus, it is done through the internet via filling the necessary forms with your details. There many scholarships offers at university, you need to identify the once applicable to your field of study.

How to Prepare for UC Berkeley Scholarships

The joy of all students’ is to have a stress free education at any International University like UC Berkeley. Notably, students face some challenges in getting majority of the students scholarships at UC Berkeley. Obviously, due to the facts the U.S federal, state and local grants to students are not available to all international students.

Thus, as an international student applicant preparing to get into University of California Berkeley (UCB) you need to prepare ahead of the challenges of getting must scholarships. However, there some alternative offers for international students who are ineligible for the federal, state and local grants in the University. As such the international students can get scholarship grants from private scholarships organizations in U.S.

Some of the Available UC Berkeley scholarships for students

In order to accommodate more indigent students to enable them set off their tuition fees and other expenses, the following grants and scholarships are in place. They include those below:

Scharzman Scholars scholarships:

Generally, this offer is not applicable to all students at UC Berkeley. It is open and applicable to citizens of China and U.S. Also, to be eligible to apply you need to enroll and get undergraduate degree in any of the organizers recognizable university, college or anything equivalent to that. Equally, there is age restriction of between 18 years of age to 29 years at the time of application.

Application process and necessary documents for Scharzman Scholars scholarships

The application process is via the internet. Interest persons can apply on or before the 19th September 2023.

Importantly, get ready for submission during the application the following documents:

  • Originally crafted personal statement
  • Your recent resumes
  • A short video introducing yourself and what you can achieve
  • Your previous academic transcripts and well crafted recommendation letters.

Apply for this offer here at the official portal.

Pickering Fellowship Scholarship

Here is another scholarship grant at UC Berkeley. It is open to individual with great interest in human rights humanitarian services to U.S government. Also, it is applicable to postgraduate studies. Applicants need to be U.S citizen and need to show evidence high academic scores through CGPA.

Note offer is open till 21st September 2023 for this year’s application

McCall MacBain Scholarship

Importantly, the offer is fully funded scholarship for either of the following:

Master degree program or

Second-entry professional undergraduate studies at the eligible University

Also, applicants need to have good result in English proficiency test, with recent undergraduate degree certificate.

Apply online here via the official portal before the deadline on 27th September 2023 for the year’s grant.

Rangel Fellowship

The offer is open till 28th September 2023 before it closes for the year. Interest applicants need be U.S citizens with outstanding academic records and character. Notably, above is the major basis for assessment for the offer, with some others. Apply online with the necessary documents and wait for the great response to take up the grant.

What are the Advantages of UC Berkeley Scholarships to Awardees?

Financial assistance:

As a recipient of the scholarship grant, your dream of furthering your studies is secured. It helps boost your confidence when carrying on the studies with releases mind as majority of your expenses are settled.


Individuals you go through the rigorous processes in any of the categories of scholarship above will gain more exposure. As such, it will give you edge over your peers either in the same level or above. The experience is top notch to behold by recipients as the offers are all competitive in their various categories.

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