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ACE Scholarship
ACE Scholarship

Gaining necessary academic qualifications through various categories of ACE Scholarship is possible. This is without considering your low income or means of sourcing fund to pay your educational bills and fees. As the essence of every scholarship program is to help the intelligent students around the world.

Generally, ACE Scholarship provides this great opportunity for the kids between grade k-12.  As such help parents with low earning capacity. Thus, that your income is low is not an excuse for your kids not to achieve their academic dreams.

Where is ACE Scholarship Applicable, states?

As a platform committing their ideas and focus on kids from low income home, they are basically in the following states   in U.S. they include the following:

  • Arkansas:  Scholarship award started in this region in year 2018 with over three thousand winners enjoying the offer from this region
  • Montana: Concerning the region, started in year 2012, with over eight thousand people receiving the award.
  • New Mexico: First award in this region was 2022 , currently the scholarship off9oer has over one hundred people enjoying this prestigious offer.
  • Colorado: The offer started in year 2000 with over Thirty one thousand people on the award list from this region.
  • Delaware: The first award in this region is year 2023, so take advantage of the offer
  • Kansas: started in year 2016 with over two thousand winners from this area.
  • Louisiana: first award was in 2014 currently having over Eleven Thousand people from the region enjoying the offer.
  • Mississippi: this is one of the new regions recently added in 2023 for the award of the  scholarship for the qualifying kids.
  • Missouri: first award started in 2017 with over five hundred winner currently on the list.
  • Utah: beginning from 2022 with over hundred kids awarded this scholarship
  • Texas: first award in this state was 2017, but currently have over five thousand low income kids’ graduate winners under the scholarship offer.
  • Wyoming: started since year 2017, with over one thousand people enjoying the offer

Thus, if you stay in any of this state consider the scholarship offer for your kids.

What are the Necessary documents for Ace Scholarship application?

Below are the major documents necessary for the application:

  • Applicants’ parents proof of tax payment and means of income
  • Also, applicable is proof non taxable income of the applicants’ parents if available.
  • Evidences of any child support if available with all details matching that of the applicant and parents are necessary for the application.
  • Parents of applicants with any form of housing allowance will need to submit same upon application.
  • Equally, if there is any offer letter for work compensation from parents of applicants, it is necessary to submit same.
  • Old awardees of the offer need to present their household economic survey to determine their standard of income.
  • Parental consent letter for release of their child information and disclosure is vital for every returning student under this scholarship offer.

Eligibility to apply for ACE Scholarship

Are you considering applying for your kids under this great offer?  Here what you need to know before starting the process of the application.


  • Firstly, it is open to kids whose parents have proof of low income earning
  • Secondly, it is applicable in all regions of United State, thus check the applicable states above.
  • Kids applying under this offer must show level of academic proficiency including commitment to studies.

How to Apply for ACE Scholarship

The application process is simple and direct. It is solely application submitted via the internet by providing the necessary details. Also, upload the requisite documents at the appropriate stages of the application process. Thus, applying for same is at the official portal for ACE Scholarship. Send in your application via the official portal link here.

If you have issues on the application process or at any stage, reach out to them and get the necessary clarification on the issues of concern.






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